Private Duty Nursing

Private NursesAt Pearl Recovery Retreat, we offer our guests a chance to luxuriate and enjoy the wide selection of amenities at our relaxing recovery center located in the exquisite SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. We know healing after surgery is a sensitive and vulnerable time, so we have designed every detail with our guests’ privacy and comfort in mind. In addition to unparalleled after surgery care at our wellness retreat, we also, for an additional charge, offer private duty nursing at other hotels of your choice as well as in the privacy of your own home. Our only concern is that you get the specialized care you need, as long as you need it.

Expert Nurses

To attend to all your needs, we offer 24/7 nurse supervision to all our guests who stay with us during their recovery from surgery. Our nursing station is just steps away from our guest rooms and is equipped with all necessary medical supplies such as O2, IV fluids, SCDs and emergency equipment. Should you need to call one of our nurses during your stay, you will have a phone at your bedside and one of our expert nurses will be there in moments to offer assistance or company.

Advantages of Professional Surgery Recovery Care

Our nurses provide professional post-operative care and monitoring of your surgery recovery. Professional post-op care in our clean hotel recovery place promotes a complication-free recovery from surgery. With friends or family members, you may feel self-conscious about delicate needs such as help with dressing changes, using the restroom, or showering. At Pearl Recovery Retreat you can rest assured that our nurses have the training, experience and sensitivity to assist you. They have many years of experience with post-operative care and will not be surprised by any request.

international surgery recovery beverly hillsPearl Recovery Retreat’s private nursing staff provides around-the-clock assistance for all guests during their recovery after surgery, ready to assist with:

  • Pain management
  • Dressing changes
  • Continuous pampering
  • Meals, snacks and beverages
  • Restroom assistance
  • Shower/tub assistance
  • Spotting and preventing complications

Private Duty Nursing

We understand you may wish to spend your after surgery recovery time at home surrounded by loved ones or at another location such as a different hotel. Whether you require a private duty nurse after you check out of Pearl Recovery Retreat, or even in lieu of staying with us, we are eager to assist you.

To accommodate our guests who prefer this option, we are pleased to offer private duty nursing so you may hire one of our excellent nurses to accompany you in your time of recovery.

You are unique and so is your surgery recovery process. Your private duty nurse will come to know exactly what you need to relax and heal, following your doctor’s protocol for medical matters such as medication dosage and frequency, dressing changes and ointment application. They will also help you manage your visitors and mind your personal preferences regarding everything from meals to music choices. Your loved ones will feel secure knowing that one of our expert nurses is tending to your needs and promoting a complication-free recovery from surgery.

For more information on pricing and availability, please contact us. Private duty nursing should be arranged 2 weeks prior to the surgery.

Hire a Private Duty Nurse at Pearl Recovery Retreat

recovery-after-surgeryAt Pearl Recovery Retreat, we are committed to pampering our guests and providing the utmost in individualized after surgery care. By choosing a private duty nurse, you will secure one of our post-operative care specialists, ensuring a professional will be available to you at all times. Your Pearl private duty nurse will help you recover from surgery and transition back into home life.

We take every step to ensure our guests have all of their needs met so they can focus full rejuvenation and recovery after their surgery. To arrange for after surgery care from one of our private duty nurses, call us at (310) 736-1009 or contact us through our web contact form today.

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