At Pearl Recovery Retreat, our goal is to help patients recover quickly, efficiently, and in a relaxing environment. Regardless of the type of surgery you may be recovering from, our staff is dedicated to your health and comfort. At our center, we specialize in helping orthopedic surgery patients recover in a safe, comfortable, and luxurious environment. While you’re at Pearl, our staff will provide you with 24-hour, around-the-clock care and support. Whether enjoying peace and quiet in their private room or enjoying a meal by our gourmet chef, guests at Pearl Recovery Retreat can expect a recovery experience unlike any other.

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Recovery From Orthopedic Surgery

recovery-after-surgeryWhether recovering from a knee surgery, shoulder surgery, or any other type of orthopedic procedure, guests of Pearl Recovery Retreat can expect to be pampered. Our staff realizes that orthopedic recovery can be a long and arduous process, but we go to great lengths to ensure that guests at our center feel as comfortable and healthy as possible during recovery. Visit this site to learn more about orthopedic procedures.

After checking into our center, guests will be taken to their private recovery rooms, which are filled with amenities provided by our center. Every detail of your recovery process is centered around your comfort and privacy, and your room will reflect this notion. Some of the in-room amenities that guests at Pearl will enjoy are:

  • Private in-room bathroom and shower
  • Memory foam bed with comfortable mattress
  • Spa and bath products
  • 40’’ high-definition flatscreen television
  • High speed internet service
  • Rainfall showerhead and custom freestanding bathtubs
  • Non-surgical guests stay for the additional discounted rate of $100

At Pearl, your recovery is our number one goal.

Why Choose Pearl for Your Orthopedic Recovery

Recovery from orthopedic surgery can be trickier than from other types of surgery. Due to the limited mobility of their arms and legs, patients who undergo orthopedic surgery may find it difficult to properly manage their post-surgical recovery. Even with the help of friends and family, patients may find it difficult to use the shower or restroom.

At Pearl Recovery Retreat, our experienced staff are experts at helping patients recover from orthopedic surgery. By eliminating the common concerns of our guests, we allow them to recover in a comfortable, stress-free environment that is 100% focused on their well-being and recovery.

At our center, a nurse will help patients with the following:

  • Showering and using the restroom
  • Taking pain-management medications
  • Performing low-impact exercises to regain muscle-strength, range-of-motion, and more

Orthopedic Recovery Services at Pearl

hotel-recoveryAt Pearl Recovery Retreat, our staff is committed to providing guests with the best services possible. To help facilitate the recovery process, our staff bring in physical therapy experts. These experts help guests perform exercises that restore mobility, endurance, and strength to the affected areas.

When not actively performing physical therapy exercises, guests can recover in private rooms staffed by expert nurses. When recovering from your orthopedic procedure, whether it be knee surgery or shoulder surgery, you will do so in the comfort and privacy of your own room. Our beds use memory foam mattresses to ease post-surgical discomfort, and some rooms even have adjustable beds.

To help make the bathing process easier, our rooms contain freestanding tubs. If you need help getting in or out of the shower or tub, our nurses are close by, ready to assist your every need.

In-Room Dining

Additionally, guests at Pearl will enjoy gourmet in-room dining by chef José Andrés. Our delicious meals will tend to your post-surgical needs and provide a nutritious and balanced diet.

To help make the healing process even easier, guests can order from our room service menu and dine in the privacy and comfort of their own room.

Transportation to Our Facilities

surgery-recovery-roomFollowing your orthopedic surgery, we can provide transportation from the surgical facility to our center. A private chauffeur can bring you directly to Pearl Recovery Retreat, where our experienced nursing staff and experts will be ready to begin assisting you after shoulder surgery or knee surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will my recovery time be?

A: A guest’s recovery time depends on many factors, most importantly the type of surgery performed. Recovering from shoulder surgery can take a few months. Recovery from meniscus surgery typically takes a few weeks, while something like ACL surgery recovery can take significantly longer. Regardless of the surgery a patient is recovering from, he or she will be able to enjoy our beautiful facilities, expert staff, and luxurious environment.

Q: What are some examples of the low-impact exercises performed at Pearl Recovery Retreat?

A: If a guest is recovering from a knee surgery, our staff will begin with simple range-of-motion and muscle strengthening exercises. These low-impact activities will help patients recover faster and help them regain the muscle strength they had pre-surgery.

Q: What other types of treatment does Pearl offer?

A: Pearl is proud to offer our patients IV therapy, a treatment option specifically designed to give patients the nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids they need to ensure a quick and successful recovery. During IV therapy, patients can relax in reclining chairs while their body receives compounds important to the healing process.

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By staying at Pearl Recovery Retreat, guests can avoid the logistical inconveniences that typically accompany recovery from orthopedic surgery. Our gorgeous facilities offer the best recovery options available, and our expert staff is dedicated to each guest’s well-being and comfort. Request a reservation with us today by calling (310) 736-1009.

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