IV Therapy

At Pearl Recovery Retreat, our goal is to provide our guests with the best and most comfortable after-surgery healing services possible. Not only do we want you to be relaxed and serene during your stay with us, we want you to heal in the best and most efficient way possible. We accomplish this through a variety of methods, but IV therapy is one of the most helpful and advanced treatments for post-surgical recovery.

With IV therapy, patients can heal quicker, improve their general health and well-being, and feel their best in the process. At our lavish hotel recovery rooms, patients can recuperate in privacy with the knowledge that their well-being is our only concern. To learn more about IV therapy, or to request a reservation at Pearl Recovery Retreat, please call (310) 736-1009.

IV Therapy in Beverly Hills

IV therapy is an exciting treatment method that helps facilitate post-surgical healing. During IV therapy treatment, our experienced staff administers nutrient therapies designed to promote healing after surgery. During the treatment, a high-concentration of nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream. Though each patient will receive a treatment that is unique to his or her needs, most IV therapies involve the use of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids – compounds essential to healing after surgery. Los Angeles nurses and staff at Pearl are excited to offer this treatment to our numerous guests.

Post-Surgical IV Therapy

Though it can be used to treat everything from the common cold all the way to certain cardiovascular conditions, IV therapy is especially useful when applied in a post-surgical setting. After undergoing a procedure, your body may need additional help in order to heal properly. With the extra nutrients and vitamins provided during IV therapy, patients can expect to heal faster and with less complications.

When recovering from any type of wound, collagen (a natural substance produced by the body) provides structural integrity and support for the skin. Vitamin C is a compound that stimulates and increases the amount of collagen produced by the body. During IV therapy, vitamin C and zinc (another compound related to collagen production) are used to promote the production of collagen, resulting in faster and better healing for body tissues.

Why is IV therapy better than vitamin pills? After surgery, your body will require over 100 times more vitamin C than usual, and IV therapy is the only safe way to receive this amount of vitamins. Additionally, the vitamins used during IV therapy have been shown to be more effective in the healing process than oral vitamins. IV therapy is also associated with little or no side effects. When it comes to your health, why settle for anything less than the best?

What to Expect During Your IV Therapy Treatment

IV therapy is one of the most relaxing and comfortable therapies available. Once you arrive at your luxurious and peaceful surgery recovery room in Los Angeles, an experienced staff member will direct you to the treatment room. Once settled in a comfortable reclining chair, an IV catheter will be inserted into the arm. Over a period of 15 to 90 minutes, various nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids will be delivered directly into the bloodstream.

During this time, patients will be able to enjoy our numerous amenities. Patients will be free to relax, watch television, read a book, listen to music, or simply enjoy the peaceful surroundings, all while being closely monitored by a nurse. Once the infusion is complete, a nurse will gently remove the catheter. Depending on each patient, a series of treatments may be required, but they are all as comfortable and relaxing as the first therapy treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does IV therapy hurt?

A: Patients may experience slight discomfort at the injection site, but this discomfort can be relieved through the simple use of cold compresses. During the therapy itself, patients will only need to relax and let their body’s natural healing process take over.

Q: Which types of IV therapy are offered at Pearl Recovery Retreat?

A: At our post-surgery recovery center in Los Angeles, we offer guests various treatments for surgical healing. Depending on the patient and the surgery he or she underwent, the following IV treatments may be administered:

  • Myers’ Cocktail: Though this formula is customized to an individual’s specific needs, it usually contains magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B-12, vitamin B-6, and other nutrients designed to speed up the healing process.
  • High-Dose Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an anti-inflammatory. It supports the immune system and can even help with certain neurological diseases. For this IV therapy, we are able to provide patients with a greater dose of vitamin C than they would be able to take orally.

To learn more about the various IV therapies provided at Pearl Recovery Retreat, please call (310) 736-1009.

Q: How many IV therapy treatments will be required?

A: Each patient is different, and some patients may require more treatment sessions than others. A thorough consultation with our expert staff will allow us to determine your particular needs regarding IV therapy treatment.

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